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Lean IT 101 helps organizations to adapt to change so that they can learn faster and deliver greater value to their customers. We apply the Lean Pyramid 3.0 Transformation Framework to grow your teams to the next level and help them to generate disruptive innovations.

Lean Pyramid 3.0 - The Transformation Framework

Transformation Services

We believe in Lean and Agile principles and because of that we work with the whole system to transform software companies.
From coaching executives on value driven strategies to pairing with developers to teach TDD and Continuous Delivery.

An insanely great workshop that is a life changing event!

A watershed event that will transform your team forever and ever!

"There is a couple of things that we need to do in order to achieve lasting transformatins: 1 - change people's mindset; 2 - change people's behaviour. This workshop is really a cornerstone in the process of leveraging change. We deep dive into the principles of lean and agile and walk away from this workshop with a completly new mindset and with a set of tools that can be used right away. The Net Promoter Score for this workshop is 9.6! "

Lean and Agile Coaching to develop individuals and groups.

From executives to develpers, we work hard to develop your full potential.

"One of the most important foundations of a sustainable transformation is to develop people. Our coaching approach seamlessly guides people towards their objective. Anchored by the lean and agile principles, we’ll take your people to uncover new ways of doing things, learn faster, improve and deliver better value every day."

Sharing is the new teaching. We teach and learn by doing.

Practice delivers mastery. We mentor to practice everyday!

" Software development is definitely a very difficult discipline. For all aspects of agility, our mentoring includes how to optimize the flow and deliver better value, how to write an awesome clean code with TDD, how to refactor hard legacy systems, how to build quality in the development process with continuous delivery. Teach by doing! that's the proposal of our practical mentoring. "

A whole transformation system for your company.

A transformation program to generate lasting changes.

"Our transformation approach joins everything we’ve learned about entrepreneurship, leadership, lean thinking, agile methodologies and software development to craft a strategy for transformation that will bring results in the short term and sustain the change over the long term. We assess the environment using the world's most powerful assessment tool and design the transformation together, working everyday to improve and reach the next level, regardless the size or nature of your organization. "

Get to know our transition strategy!

Our transition map!

Why choosing Lean IT 101?


A proven track record of delivered software products over 20 years in the software industry.


Innovative solutions built for the cloud, web and mobile with the most advanced technologies and architectures to date.


On software engineering, lean and agile methodologies, leadership, strategy and value management, operations, lean startup.

Community building

With a strong word-wide reputation on community building, we helped with the creation of blossoming agile communities such as in Brazil, USA, New Zealand and throughout the Latin America.

World-wide reach

Our team is strategically spread over 3 continents. We act locally to achieve global results for world-class companies.


We’ve got hands-on experience building solutions and leading transformations in different industries such as energy, financial, education, telecom, retail, media and gaming.

Who is already on the next level

App landing page customer

"LEAN IT 101 strongly contributed to the organization of our development process so that could deliver faster and increase the value perceived by our customers. "

Paulo Ross
Chief Technology Officer

App landing page customer

"Having participated in the Lean Pyramid Workshop was one of the best experiences that I had. Samuel is a great teacher, he dominates the subject and transfers his knowledge in a very simple and enthusiastic manner. It was incredible! I recommend to everybody."

Tatiane Felipiak
e-Commerce Supervisor

App landing page customer

"The workshop is very rich and inspiring. Samuel can share what he knows and what has already applied with generosity and willingness that we also become agilists and evangelists of agility. "

Jorge Almoas
Marketing Analists

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With a team of masters on its areas, Lean IT 101 is capable of conducting lean and agile transformations for any kind of organization, specially those whose businesses are software intensive. The Lean IT 101 team is strategically distributed around the globe, and with a set of skills, knowledge and experience that makes it one of the
world’s best lean and agile consulting firm.

Samuel Crescêncio

Samuel is a software engineer with over 20 years of hands-on experience. He's helped to architect, develop, test and deliver solutions for several different niches such as education, retail, financial, telecom, energy, risk management and others. He is also an author, trainer, speaker, entrepreneur and an experienced executive.

He had the opportunity to deliver global solutions built with the most advanced technologies, platforms and architectures to date such as Java, C#, C Ansi, PHP, Ruby and RubyOnRails, GWT, Python, Node.js, Angular.js, Android, IOS, and others.

Samuel had been the founder and CEO of OnCast, a company that provided software outsourcing and helped to establish a new standard for lean and agile software development, influencing the culture a large community of software companies.

In 2015 he founded LeanIT101.com - a consulting firm with a global team that offers transformation solutions comprehending everything to really make lasting transformations. LeanIT101 services range from coaching the executives, to digging in and teaching developers on how to write clean code using TDD.

Samuel created the Lean Pyramid, a software engineering model that helps to balance efforts and understand the myriad of aspects related to transform how a company delivers software. Samuel currently maintains the blog piramidelean.com.br (portuguese) and is soon starting the english version at theleanpyramid.com. He is also a co-author of the most complete book written in Portuguese about agile methodologies.

Samuel is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences. He had been a co-founder and chairman of agile conferences such as Ágiles2009, Pensando Lean Forum, Agile Brazil Conference and the Lean IT Summit Brazil.

Samuel served as a member of the board of directors of the Agile Alliance from during 5 years where he helped to manage the multi-million dollar budget and expand the organization's operations internationally. He's helped to create the Agile Alliance Brazil and Agile Alliance New Zealand, the first arms of the organization outside USA. Samuel is based on the beautiful Florianópolis, Brazil.

Pat Reed

Pat Reed is an experienced Agile executive, coach, transformational leader, trainer and keynote speaker with proven success transforming large Agile organizations and developing world class Business Agility processes and practices. Pat has deep domain expertise in enterprise Adaptive Leadership, Agile Accounting, Agile PMO, Portfolio Management, Dev Ops, Change, Compliance, Performance Management and Adaptive career processes and practices.

She has an extensive track record of leading and coaching teams that have transformed Fortune 500 companies. Pat excels in leveraging cutting edge technology, delivery and project management methods to solve challenging business problems with impressive results across a wide range of industries including her work as Executive Director for 15 years at the Walt Disney Company, 5 years at Universal Studios / GE and 8 years at Gap Inc.

Pat is passionate about creating healthy, high performing and learning teams. She designed, co-created and currently teaches courses in Leading Enterprise Agile Transformations and Agile Management Mastery in the Agile Management Certificate program for UC Berkeley extension and has over 30 years of experience in teaching technical and business process improvement at the undergraduate, graduate and extension level as an adjunct professor.

She is a popular speaker with numerous keynotes and Agile Conference sessions and workshops; and co-founded the Agile Alliance Executive Forum with Jim Highsmith. Pat is equally passionate about advancing agile practices and serves as the PMI Agile Community of Practice Council Leader with over 32,000 global members; and as one of 9 Directors on the Agile Alliance Board where she directs the Agile Accounting Program and co-developed the Agile Alliance Value Model.

Pat graduated with honors from the University of Illinois with a B.S. in Behavioral and Clinical Psychology and an MBA from Woodbury University and is authoring a book on "Making Value Visible" and "Making Sense of Agile Accounting" Pat is based on the Silicon Valey area.

Linda M Cook

Linda Cook, a recognized technology leader and Agile Transformation expert, is committed to helping organizations achieve their strategic goals. With over 21 years of experience as an IT executive, Linda offers a unique blend of leadership, innovation, and vision which allows her to tackle the most complex organizational challenges. She currently leads a Lean/Agile consulting practice for Project Cooks, LLC.

Formerly an Agile Program Leader at PayPal, Linda managed the company’s largest IT initiative with over five hundred staff across fifty-seven teams located in four countries. Prior to holding this position, Linda led several Lean/Agile transformations for large organizations, including Fortune 100 companies, and generated team performance improvements up to 250 percent. She has also managed several large-scale system development efforts and led multiple Agile programs through successful ISO 9001-2008 audits and CMMI appraisals.

Linda is a passionate contributor to Agile non-profit organizations. She is a board member and the treasurer of the Agile Alliance and has played an instrumental role in establishing the Agile Alliance chapter in Brazil. Linda also served on the board of the Agile Leadership Network from 2010 through 2013 and chaired the organization’s national conferences, including Houston, Texas in 2011. Linda frequently speaks at Agile events around the world on topics ranging from the Future of Agile to Agile Release Planning.

Linda received a bachelor’s degree in business management from the College of Notre Dame with a concentration in computer information systems. She has also completed post-graduate courses in transformative leadership at Maryland University of Integrative Health. When not focused on building teams and great software, Linda enjoys country living and raising horses. Linda is currently based in Maryland, USA.

Shane Hastie

With over 30 years’ experience working across a wide variety of industries, Shane Hastie is the Chief Knowledge Engineer and Agile Practice Lead for Software Education (www.softed.com) a training and consulting company working in Australia, New Zealand and around the world. Software Education is a strategic partner of Lean IT 101 for large scale transformations and specialized training services.

Since first using XP in 2000 Shane's been passionate about helping organisations and teams adopt Agile practices. Shane leads Software Education's Agile Practice, offering training, consulting, mentoring and support for organisations and teams working to improve their project outcomes.

Shane works extensively in the overlap between business analysis and agile development practices – actively working to bridge the perceived gaps between these communities. In 2011 Shane was elected as a Director of the Agile Alliance (www.agilealliance.org).

He was Director of the joint Agile Alliance and IIBA program which produced the Agile Extension to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge™ and is a member of the Core Team producing BABOK™ 3.0. Shane is currently based on the little paradise called New Zealand.
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