Lean it 101

We’re a software company founded in 2015. Our purpose is to accelerate businesses development by advancing the interaction between people, processes, technologies and tools.

We develop methods and technologies to:
  • Enhance our customer’s capability to deliver value;
  • Increase its ability to learn faster;
  • Deliver an unprecedented transformation experience to our users.
More about us


Our vision is to promote autonomous business development with the application of deep learning and machine learning algorithms to the transformation process itself.

Our foundation

15 years ago our founder Samuel Crescêncio discovered that the real application of lean and agile could actually help him to deliver 2x, 3x better results when compared to the preceding methods. Since then, he has been developing his career around it and became the first Latin American to have a seat in the Agile Alliance Board of Directors in US.

Lean Pyramid

12 years ago he created the Lean Pyramid as a model for software engineering. The subsequent applications of the model to help companies of all sizes to improve their results led to 4 main releases of the model. Since 2015 Lean Pyramid evolved to a transformation framework.


In 2018 Lean it 101 started the development of its transformation platform aiming not only to diminish the time taken to transform a company, but also to improve its results.

The future

Learning faster and better than we can do today with the application of cutting edge technology will help us to deliver 10x better results to our customers. We know that there is a long and challenging way ahead, and we invite those who share our passion to join us and help us make that possible.

Thank you for being here, we appreciate your business.


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