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You want to improve profitability while increasing customers' value perception.

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What is the perception of Value?

Real business agility requires 100% of your personel to understand what value is and how it can be measured. Agile companies are value driven organizations where everybody shares a common definition of value.

What is the cost of delay?

How much it will cost for the company if you delay project X delivery for 2 monthts? Usually less than 15% of your people will know how to answer this question. Yet knowing this answer is so essential for the business management.

How important are people in your organization?

True lean and agile companies put people in the center of their businesses as their most important asset. How have you been developing your people? What are the opportunities they have to learn while working?

What is your functional structure?

Handoffs between departments leads your company structure to become siloed and not agile. Business agility requires empowered small teams with representatives of the whole value stream working on deliverable value unities.

Business agility requires a relentless improvement process
Is your system overloaded?

When you overload your organization, you severely damage its capacity to deliver value, to deal with unexpected events, as well as its learning capacity, therefore breaking agility. You can improve agility by reducing capacity utilization.

How long do you take to learn?

How long are your release cycles? How long does it take from the concept of the idea to the business improvement delivered in production? Business agility requires short feedback loops and learning to be part of the job.

How good is your engineering?

Is your engineering team capable of garanteeing the quality and still be productive and agile? Is it capable of transforming its legacy code base and maintain itself compliant with the the latest technoglies and architecture innovations?

How good are you at meeting deadlines?

Is your organization capable of delivering on time? How assertive is your deliver predictions? Does your team use hours to estimate when work will be done? Does everybody have a clear definition of what done really means?


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