We've meticulously designed your journey to provide you with the necessary knowledge to understand how lean and agile really work together.

Understand now the step by step in your transformation journey guide.





This 2-day workshop is your starting point. It provokes evolution of the mindset and prepares you for change. It balances theory and practice with immersive dynamics and provides an in-depth analysis of lean and agile principles and practices.


You'll learn how to

➢ Increase the flow of value to customers

➢ Eliminate waste throughout the value stream

➢ Improve efficiency in the production cycle

➢ Increase productivity and your learning

➢ Improve the quality perceived by your clients

➢ Improve planning and progress monitoring

➢ Increase the business profitability

Module 1: Principles and Values

You'll dig into the roots of lean and agile principles and values, developing a clear understanding of why things are done differently with lean and agile.

Module 2: Value Stream Mapping

After understanding the lean and agile mindset, you and your colleagues will map the main flows of your organizaiton uncovering valuable improvement opportunities.

Module 3: Economic flow management

You'll learn cost-effective production flow management techniques by applying Scrum and Kanban, as well as managing user story backlogs, priorization and queuing management techniques to maximize value delivery in your production processes.

Module 4: Lean Software Engineering

You'll learn the fundamental lean principles that are applied to software engineering in order to diminish cost of development and mainteneince, and to improve quality, time-to-market and safety for the business.

Module 5: Agile Retrospectives

You will learn how agile retrospectives can make your good teams become great. Through truly immersive reflections and collaborative planning, we will facilitate a general retrospective with the participants. It's a genuine opportunity to gain insights to improve your business.

Covers the entire value stream

From purpose and vision to designing the solution, going through leadership and management structures, all the way down to engineering and continuous delivery practices. Everything is included so that you can delight your customers.

Designed for everybody

From the CEO to the developer and all roles in between. This workshop is a rich changing opportunity and should involve the main representatives of all areas of the company, including but not limiting to financial, sales, marketing and operations.

Solid foundation

This workshop is based on the Lean Pyramid Transformation Framework that has been evolving for more than 15 years. It brings international reputation due to its solid foundation on lean and agile values, principles and practices.


All attendants will receive a Lean Pyramid Certificate of attendance to the foundation workshop. This certificate gets you prepared for the transformation kickoff workshop that is your next step in this lean and agile transformation journey.



Lean it 101 Platform
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This totaly hands-on 2 days workshop is where your start your practice by planning the desired future state and seting the necessary environment and agreements to achieve your goals.

Assessment of current state

You're going to use the Lean it 101 Platform to assess your environment aplying our maturity models, and jointly with the improvement insights collected in step 1, we'll help you to set up the new work agreements and kanban boards, so that you develop a solid foundation to start your transformation process.

Plan desired future state

The planning of the future state starts with the identification of what are the capabilities needed to be built in order to pottentialize change, as well as what are the actions necessary to build them. You're gonna re-think all the management cerimonies and work agreements that govern the work flow.

Implement visual management

Visual management is an essencial part of the lean and agile management mindset. We'll teach you by doing. Together we'll implement your visual kanbans so that you can effectively start with your new way of working.



Full Transformation Program

Our transformation program is composed by the foundation workshop + kickoff workshop + 12 full days of coaching spread along 3 months. At the end of each three months transformation sprint we'll re-evaluate and repeat the cycle until your organization achieves real business agility.

Coaching with experts

Don't worry, you won't be alone in your practice! Our team of experts lean and agile coaches will closely follow you, giving the support you need so that you can thrive with the new methods. From executive coaching all the way down to software engineering, we'll guide you on how to proceed so that you can succeed with lean and agile.

Hoshin Kanri Stretegic Planning

We recomend that the transformation process is conducted at the enterprise level with a full-fledged Hoshin Kanri strategic planning involving 100% of your personnel. Putting the transformation on the center of the business strategy is definitely the most effective way to conduct an enterprise transformation.

Exclusive access

Exclusive access with expert practitioners in our private discussion groups. Full access to the Lean it 101 Platform, our e-books and advanced materials.