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Effective business transformation means engaging in a different form of thinking. Lean transformation relies on mindset change in order to be effective.

Our transformation framework helps you to obtain consensus and alignment within your team, about why you need change, what needs to be improve and how.

It improves the whole value stream of your business, from strategic management to product development and software engineering.

The LEAN PYRAMID TRANSFORMATION FRAMEWORK has been developed in the trenches of the software industry for more than 12 years. Its proven approach has been successfully used by companies of all sizes to transform themselves.

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Learn how to effectively plan, execute and measure the strategy of your company, and the principles that form a high performance culture. Develop leadership and optimize functional structures.


Understand how measuring cost of delay will open an entire new way to manage your portfolio and your production line. Engage people in maximizing the value throughput of the entire system with Just In Time, Pull System and Visual Management.

Software Engineering

Implement DEVSECOPS from ground up to create a zero bug culture. Create safety for the entire business with a full-fledged continuous delivery system. Transform old legacy code into state of the art software platforms.

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Market Positioning

Purpose, Mission and Vision well defined and serving as a bond between people and the and the efforts necessary to achieve the results.

Disruptive Objectives

Strategic business objectives must be few, but bold disruptive goals that will require your organization to stretch in order to achieve.

Value Driven

Everything the company does is an economic decision. The entire production management system must be focused in maximising value.

Strategic Thinking with Hoshin Kanri

Involve 100% of your people in a well coordinated strategic planning process. Generate ownership, engagement and energy towards the goals.

Lean Pyramid Hoshin Kanri Edition
Optimize Productivity

Well broken business goals will generate effective backlogs. Flow management will increase throughput and productiveness of the production line.

Visualize Throughput

High performance teams improve their communication by visualising their flow. Important metrics are always visible generating shared responsibility.

Systems Thinking

Improve relentlessly the entire system. Delegate responsibilities to lower levels and charge accountability for improvement.

Reactive Microservices

Design fault tolerant microservices capable of fixing themselves in case of failure. Obtain maximum flexibility and resilience of your systems.


Code to Value with TDD

Only code if the value behind the code is clear for the entire community. If you code, do it with TDD - Test Driven Development.

Automate it

Every task needed to setup development environment, build, test and deploy to production environment must be automated.


Develop security and operations altogether. Streamline your production system to quickly produce and delivery high quality, safe and reliable products.

Architect Just In Time

Emerge federated architectures as you need in order to grow. Barely sufficient design is what you need to prove business results.

Manage Technical Debt

Diminish technical debt and cost to maintain legacy code with improved team structures and lean software development processes.

Provision Infrastructure as Code

Development, staging and production environments shall be identical and virtualized, as well as provisioned just in time in the cloud.

Continuous Delivery

Deploy seamlessly in the cloud with full-fledged continuous delivery systems. Create real business agility. Easily test new ideas.

Automate Monitoring and Alerting

Be informed about important security and performance thresholds. Program automated actions to respond automatically.