Lean Business

Transformation Workshop

When we open our eyes to the wisdom of lean principles and discover that the actual application of them can really create 10x improvements, our lives will change forever.

This is a workshop for those seeking change.

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Workshop Objective

Provide participants principles, techniques, and tools to accelerate their business results through lean transformation.

Target Audience

Executives, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners

You own a startup or a multi-million dollar company or you're directly responsible for its results.

Managers, Product Owners, Project Managers

You are responsible for tactical or operational management of an important product or service of your organisation.

Software Engineers, Devops, Architects, Testers

You are responsible for the code, architecture, testing or existing software infrastructure

Lean Enterprise Coaches, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters

you're responsible for leading change, coaching, mentoring and cause deliberate practice of new ways of thinking.


Remarkable for change

This workshop has been a watershed, demonstrating a proven change in mindset and behavior not only for people but for their organizations.

Solid lean basement

Based on the transformation framework Lean Pyramid already consolidated in companies of all sizes, international reference in lean software engineering.


16 hours on two consecutive days, thus allowing an immersion and a lot of reflection on the theme.

Includes the entire value stream

People from areas such as marketing, commercial, people management, financial, administration should also attend the workshop.

Lean Pyramid Hoshin Kanri Edition
Balance between theory and practice

This is a hands-on workshop, but with a lot of theory interspersed with practices, promoting a deep analysis of the principles of a lean culture.


It dynamically develops understanding of how lean is applied in the strategic, tactical, and operational areas of the organization.

Software Engineering

The foundation of any modern enterprise that needs to scale is security, reliability, high-performance software engineering with cost efficiency.

Value driven management

Not least, the workshop presents tools for economic management of the flow of value thus optimizing financial results.


Strategic aspects
#business #culture

  • Purpose, vision and leadership
  • Principles and lean values
    • See and improve the whole: Systems thinking, short feedback loops, Kaizen, Kaikaku, Kata Improvement, Kata Coaching.
    • Map and eliminate waste: Muda, Muri, Mura
    • Manage quality: Building integrity in (Test first), Jidoka, Poka-Yoke, Stop the line
    • Manage the flow: Just in time, Pull system, Heijunka, queue management.
    • Gerencie o conhecimento: Respect for people, Andon, Gemba, Gemba Walks, Genchi Genbutsu, Yokoten, Hoshin Kanri horizontal deployment, Kentou
  • People and Functional Structures
  • Strategic business objectives
  • Transformation policy

Tactical and operational management
#manager #troghtput #flow #operations

  • Break down of business goals
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Economic management of production flow
  • Production capacity management and product backlogs
  • Production Flow Visualization
  • Systemic thinking and kaizen

Software Engineering
#software #development #testing #deploying #monitoring

  • Microservice-oriented design
  • Clean coding e Test Driven Development
  • Automated Testing
  • Devops and security
  • Emerging federated architectures
  • Seamless fully automated cloud deployment
  • Automated monitoring and alerting

Expected results

After the workshop the participant will have the following results:

Lean Mindset

Clear understanding of how lean transformation efforts need to be distributed throughout the organization in a balanced way.


Mindset and behavioral change.

Principles and Values

Understanding lean principles and values and agile methods that form high performance cultures.

Improvement opportunity

Greater alignment and consensus on opportunities for improvement in your value stream.

New capabilities

Understanding the capabilities that need to be created in the organization regarding the technological vision and cultural aspects necessary for its transformation.

New skills and knowledge

New skills and knowledge for business management and the technological park that support them.


Participant will receive participation certificate.

Material de apoio

E-books and workshop slides will be available.