For existing legacy code

Modern state of the art software engineering includes a set of the lean practices that helps to keep the entire business healthy.

We'll assess your current environment and help you to bring it to up to date standards.

Technical assessment details


Lean it 101 Platform
Alignment and Retrospective Workshop

First phase of the assessment is a workshop to gather data about your environment and to create alignmnent about the current best practices for lean software engineering. All executives, main stakeholders and first line of leaders should participate in this phase.


Second phase is a deeper diagnostic of the technical and business environment. Directly from the trenches we'll review code and assess the entire product development life cycle. Interviews and tools will be used to assist in the diagnostic process.

Building the Plan

Third phase is a consulting phase with lots of facilitation and planning sessions along with your leadership. The deliverable is a strategic plan for enterprise software architecture that will be up to date and serve you for years to come.


We'll evaluate the following disciplines and jointly with your team build an enterprise software arquitecture strategic planning.

Coding Standards

More than clean code, not only test driven development but a whole coding philosophy, value driven, supported by standards leading to excellence.

Intelligent Automation

High performance production lines will rely on intense automation, building intelligence into the building process to make it faster, better, more secure and cheaper.


Development, security and operations shall be designed and built altogether. High quality, safe and reliable software comes from intense collaboration streamlined along the product development lifecycle.

Architect Just In Time

Architectures should be simple, yet hard to duplicate, and should provide an unfair competitive advantage to the business, emerging just in time in a federated manner.

Technical Debt

Sometimes assuming technical debt can leverage the business. However, debt must be managed and economic decisions must be taken in order to preserve the financial and technical health of the business.

Infrastructure as Code

Development, staging and production environments shall be identical and virtualised. The infrastructure described as code is versioned. Provisioning occurs just in time in the cloud as you need more or less capacity.

Continuous Delivery

Keep sharp the ability to push a button or merge a code and boom, the new version is deployed seamlessly in the cloud. With full-fledged continuous delivery systems you can create real business agility.

Monitoring and Allerting Automation

Mission critical systems will always need prompt recovery capacity. Anticipating and reacting earlier to potential threats will reduce the overall cost and risk of the business.


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